Why Only Dr. Yogi Clinic ?

Why Only Dr. Yogi Clinic ?
As For a Problem we Have a Solution 
* We are the pioneer in our Specialized streams & believe in finishing the root cause.
* Dr. Yogi Clinic is providing Ayurved treatment over generations & provide a way to Healthy Life. 
* Dr. Beerinder Singh Yogi is the 4th Generation for the Clinic.
* Dr. Yogi Clinic have a team of professional doctors expertise in the said fields to provide you with the best treatment. 
* Dr. Yogi’s Clinic emphasis its Treatment along with body detoxification, Rejuvenation & diet modification.
* Dr. Yogi Clinic have Counseling, Dietician & Nutritionist Section along with well trained & friendly staff.
* Medications are made in the traditional and vedic way so the benefits of herbs are not lost. 
* Medications are purely herbal, does not contain any steroids, Chemicals or Allopathic drug hence having No Side effect.
* Dr. Yogi is always working on Research & Development programmes to come up with new & better formulations to give the best.
* Purely Vegetarian :: The ingredients & capsules gelatin used are purely Vegetarian. 
* Dr. Yogi’s charges one time consultation fee. (Valid Life time) 
* Treatments are kept totally confidential. 
* Dr. Yogi’s have a special provision of dispatching medication in India & Abroad confidentially.
* Free Courier Delivery on medicications ordered in India & 50% off on Courier Delivery charges Aborad. 
* Dr. Yogi’s have online consultations facility. (Please Call / Mail) 
* Dr. Yogi Clinic holds helplines at various countries USA, CANADA & UK to provide easy access & the best of services.